Gas Powered Games Hit By Lay Offs - Wildman Could Be Canceled Unless YOU Support IT


Breaking news. Gas Powered Games just announced a Kickstarter funded Action RPG/RTS hybrid Wildman... but things weren't going so well for them. Kotaku got wind that 'amost everyone' in the company was let go except CEO Chris Taylor and one or two people. Chris Taylor has responded by confirming the lay and told Joystiq that they laid off 40 people... which led to this new video by Chris Taylor on Kickstarter.

He explains why they lay offs and whether they should continue with the Kickstarter campaign or shutdown that campaign. It's pretty grim depressing stuff but if you want to show some support, go to that page and comment that you would love to get this game. Wildman is on the brink of being canceled just only 5 days from being announced.